ISBC Membership

    Annual membership to the ISBC includes 2 issues of the Society's journal.
    Annual membership for U.S.A. and Canada ... $30.00
    Membership for 2 or more years ... $27.00
    Annual membership - all other countries ... $35.00
    Membership - all other countries for 2 or more years ... $32.00
    FDS Rate ... $42.00
    Single Back Issues, as available ... $3.00
    Membership renewals, subscriptions, Send checks to:
    c/o: Sidney K. Ohlhausen
    P. O. Box 20695
    Houston, TX 77225-0695
    or pay directly with Paypal:


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"Bible Review Journal" is published twice a year as the official journal of The International Society of Bible Collectors.

Chief Editor ... Mike Kuykendall
Graphic Designer ... Jennifer Logue
Distribution Supervisor ... Lola Bowen